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Education : Post RN
* Athabasca University Bachelor of Nursing degree program - Post-R.N. popular
Athabasca offers a Post-RN degree program via distance education (primarily through the internet) http://www.athabascau.ca/cnhs/
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* MedHunters popular
MedHunters is an online health care recruiting agency. http://www.medhunters.com/
(Added:3-Apr-1998 Hits:13002)

* Trillium Human Resources popular
Trillium Human Resources are Canadian recruiters specializing in placing Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Registered Nurses and Speech Language Pathologists in facilities throughout the United States, Canada and England. http://www.trilliumhr.com/
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Hospitals : Ontario
* Credit Valley Hospital popular
located in Mississauga, Ontario http://www.cvh.on.ca/
(Added:10-May-1999 Hits:6360)

* North York General Hospital popular
located in the North York area of Toronto. http://www.nygh.on.ca/
(Added:10-Jun-1999 Hits:4583)

* Mount Sinai Hospital popular
Located in downtown Toronto. A University of Toronto teaching hospital. http://www.mtsinai.on.ca/
(Added:10-Jun-1999 Hits:5908)

* Managed Care Jokes popular
Jokes about the Managed Care Health Care system in the United States. http://www.ncpamd.com/mcjokes.htm
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:6394)

* Nurstoon popular
A collection of cartoons about nursing. http://www.nurstoon.com/
(Added:4-Sep-1998 Hits:13104)

* Emergency Nursing World! Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:13281)

* American Association for Therapeutic Humor popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:9695)

* Humorx popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:10113)

* Rx Laughs popular
(Added:15-Sep-1998 Hits:8688)

* Nurse Sally's Homepage popular
Stories about being a student nurse and cartoons I have drawn about my experience in the profession. http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Opera/5192/
(Added:28-May-1999 Hits:8932)

* Open Directory Project: Health/Nursing/Humor/ popular
A listing of medical humor websites with descriptions. http://dmoz.org/Health/Nursing/Humor/
(Added:25-Dec-1999 Hits:4930)

* All In Jest popular
Nursing, Medical, and Health Humor http://medi-smart.com/humor.htm
(Added:1-Oct-2000 Hits:14375)

* Hospital News popular
A monthly newspaper about Canadian Hospitals http://www.hospitalnews.com/
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Organizations : Canadian
* Canadian Nurses Association popular
The Canadian Nurses Association is a federation of 11 provincial and territorial nursing associations representing more than 110,000 registered nurses. http://www.cna-nurses.ca/
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* College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) popular
The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is the governing body for registered nurses (RNs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario. Its mission is to regulate nursing to protect the public interest. http://www.cno.org/
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* Canadian Uniforms Online! popular
Scrubs, Prints, Labcoats, Health Care Uniforms http://www.uniform.ca
(Added:29-Aug-1999 Hits:15527)

* Lac-Mac Limited (Express Division) popular
Manufacturers of Nursing Uniforms, Scrubs, and Hospital Apparel http://www.lac-mac.com
(Added:22-Oct-1999 Hits:7907)

* Professional Choice Uniform Inc popular
Discount uniforms http://www.uniforms.ca
(Added:1-Mar-2000 Hits:8035)

* Career Uniforms & Fashions popular
on line store for all your uniform needs, scrubs, lab coats, warm-up jackets,unisex pants and tops, lots of prints and styles http://www.uniforms-fashions.com
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Specialties : Administration and Management
* Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership popular
Formerly the Canadian Journal of Nursing Administration, the Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership, is a refereed Journal, published primarily for Canadian Nurse Administrators, Managers and Educators under the aegis of the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses. http://www.acen-cjonl.org/
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Specialties : Research : Nursing Journals
* Evidence-Based Nursing (Journal) popular
This journal gives you access to the research related to nursing and keeps you up to date with important new evidence within nursing. Published by the British Medical Journal Publishing Group. http://ebn.bmjjournals.com/
(Added:28-Jun-1999 Hits:4565)

* Canadian Journal of Nursing Research popular
The CJNR is a peer-reviewed, quarterly journal published by the McGill University School of Nursing. In its 31st year of publication with world-wide circulation, the CJNR's primary mandate is to publish original nursing research that develops basic knowledge for the discipline and examines the application of the knowledge in practice. Research related to education and history is also welcomed as are methodological, theoretical, and review papers that advance nursing science. http://www.cjnr.nursing.mcgill.ca/
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